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QR Codes
We are proud of the quality product we turn on quick time tables at a budget anyone can afford.
We offer exciting Digital and Vinyl Graphics on a variety of substrates. Most of our sign proofs are ready
within 24 hours and the sign itself can be ready to pickup as soon as 24 hours after proof approval!
What Are QR Codes and Why Do I Want to Use Them as a Marketing Tool?
A QR code is a unique matrix barcode that can be scanned and read by any smart phone with a QR reading app. You can see these QR codes appearing just about everywhere from signage and decals to business cards, brochures, websites, and more.

Once scanned, the browser on the smart phone will then redirect the user to the company’s website or provide phone numbers or any info via the QR code.

The ultimate goal of all marketing is to drive more sales—period.  Unfortunately, most marketing systems are actually less effective than they were just a few years ago.  There are several causes for this decreased effectiveness in traditional marketing platforms, including:
• Less use of newspapers, television, and more traditional marketing platforms
• Consumers more tech savvy
• Increased Use of Mobile Smart Phones for Web Surfing, Purchasing, etc. (traditional online tasks formerly performed on computer)
• Simply Too Many Other Companies/Business Using Same Marketing Methods so Difficult to Capture Attention and Differentiate Yourself


But QR Codes Solve These Problems and Provide You with a 21st Century Marketing Solution That is Less Expensive and Far More Effective Than Any Other Option on the Market Today!

Advantages of QR Codes for Marketers/Business Owners:
• More efficient and effective than any other marketing tool on the market today!
• Embed QR Codes on signage and vehicle graphics and Just About ANYTHING to virally spread your marketing message!
• One of the Highest ROI’s of ANY Marketing Option!
• Deliver Unique, Personalized Messages to Your Prospects!
• Dramatically Reduce Marketing Costs While  Driving Significantly More Qualified Prospects To Your Door!

It’s simple:  If you want to succeed in sales or growing a business in the 21st century, then you need to master QR Code Marketing!


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